The Witch's Country offers a wide variety of activities for everyone - for the families and small groups, to birthday celebrators as well as bigger and smaller companies.

When you wish to visit and spend the night in the world's smallest and most special country, then set your steps towards the Witch's Country in the Uhtjärve primeval valley. You will be greeted by the witch's family, who will introduce you the premises of the Witch's Country and share various legends. We also offer accommodation - cozy rooms in the main houses and for those, who desire for a little extremity, we have to offer a night in a unique house that sits on chicken legs. Accommodation prices start from €20 per person.

Active vacation activities will take up your, your family's and/or your friends whole day, but there is one unique sport - broom throwing - that you definitely need to try when staying in the Witch's country.

We also offer the option to order food when booking - The Witch's Kitchen will feed your belly with all the best and surprise you with dishes peculiar only to the Witch's Country.

In addition to the activities provided in the Witch's Country, you are free to visit the nearby Traffic City where children can learn how to drive safely and follow traffic rules. For people staying overnight in the Witch's Country, the entrance to the Traffic City is free of charge. What exactly Traffic City has to offer, you can see from HERE.

The Witch's Country is definitely not meant only for children, this is a place where even adults and big companies find things to do. To get the best suitable offer, please send us an e-mail noiariik@gmail.com.




Information and booking +372 533 322 53, info@noiariik.ee